TECC Lab Research

In the TECC lab we research issues related to culture, diversity, and aspects of technology in social life. There is a diversity issue in technology-related careers that starts before schooling and continues beyond the academic pipeline. The TECC Lab studies technology-related opportunities in underserved communities. In addition, this line of research seeks to understand the cultural strengths that Latina/o and Black communities build on in using technology and pursuing technology-related careers
Some examples of our current research include understanding how children from diverse cultural backgrounds participate in collaborative computer science learning, understanding the experiences of women in eSports, and studying the experiences of underrepresented individuals (Latina/os, Black individuals, and Women) pursuing technology careers.


As TECC lab members, we work on creating a community of scholars who work jointly to understand disparities in science, technology, engineering, and math careers. We strive to recruit members who are passionate about, research, social justice, and STEM.
New members receive training in carrying out research and receive opportunities to help them compete in applications for jobs and graduate school. Our members have been trained to carry out research on their own. Many have gained experiences with designing studies, collecting data, analyzing data, and presenting at conferences.