In the TECC lab, we research issues related to culture, diversity, and technology. Disparities in access to learning with technology start early and the impact on diversity continues into the workforce. We believe that research, teaching, and mentoring are key to helping address issues of equity present in the tech pipeline. Our work has highlighted gender disparities in online gaming and has highlighted cultural differences in collaboration during computer programming. The three current areas of focus follow:

Diversity in Computer Science

Although there has been increase in gender diversity in computer science, we continue to see a lack of Latina/o and Black students pursuing computer science careers. We focus on understanding the experiences that drive underserved students away from CS careers and how students persevere in spite of the roadblocks they encounter.

Culture, Gender, and First-GEN University STudents

In our 2nd strand of work, we hope to understand the cultural strengths and barriers navigated by first generation immigrant students. Specifically, how students draw on cultural strengths to succeed inspite of roadblocks. We also include understudied communities (e.g. South Asian and Armenian) to understand their specific experiences.

Culture, Gender, and Technology

The 3rd strand focuses on culture and gender in various other tech contexts such as gaming practices among young adults. Resarch in this area includes women's experiences while gaming online, representation in online media venues, and cultural and gender differences in general technology abilities.



As TECC lab members, we work on creating a community of scholars who work to understand disparities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers. We strive to recruit members who are passionate about, research, social justice, and STEM.

New members receive training in conducting research and receive mentoring in completing job and graduate school applications. Undergraduate members gain experience with designing studies, collecting data, analyzing data, and presenting at conferences.

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