Research Team


Omar Ruvalcaba

Principal Investigator

I grew up in Inglewood, California and my family is from Zacatecas, Mexico. I received my Ph.D. and Masters in Developmental Psychology from the UC Santa Cruz. In one thread of my research, I study culture, gender, and technology contexts. In the second I focus on how first generation immigrant students negotiate cultural practice and identity.

Gabriella Mendoza

Lab Manager

My goal is to earn my PhD so that I can pursue my research interest and become a professor. TECC Lab gives me the opportunity to explore my interest in cultural and industrial organizational psychology by conducting research.

Merlin Naranjo

Lab Manager

I'm part of BUILD PODER, a research program for undergraduate students at CSUN. I’m interested in social psychology and social issues. I plan to apply to Masters and Ph.D. programs in California and other states in the Fall of 2019.

Mariana Marquez copy.JPG

Mariana Marquez

Clinical Graduate Student

I am a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program. As a first generation student, education is very important to me and has shaped my desire to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and work in higher education.

Jazmin Baeza 2.jpg

Jazmin Baeza

I am a STAR transfer student from Los Angeles Mission College 18’. In LAMC I received an Associates degree in Social and behavioral science as well as an AA in Psychology.


michelle Moreno

I am a junior transfer at CSUN from Pasadena City College. My academic goal is to obtain my Ph.D. I hope to develop the skills and gain research experience in this research lab program to narrow down career goals.

Luz Andrino.jpeg

LUZ Andrino

I am an undergraduate psychology student and transferred from Moorpark and Pierce college. I am interested in Neuro and abnormal psychology; I plan to receive my PhD in clinical psychology. I am a first generation Guatemalan American student.


Pauline serrano

I am an Honors in Psychology Major and CADV Minor. I will be applying to Master's and Doctoral programs. I aspire to become a college professor and am interested in research with underrepresented populations and how their culture impacts their development.


miguel cab

I am a senior at CSUN and am majoring in psychology with a minor in child and adolescent development. I plan to earn a Masters Degree in ABA as well as become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 


anie garabedian

My interests lie in clinical and social psychology, hoping to eventually go to medical school and obtain my degree to become a psychiatrist.


julie salazar

I am currently enrolled in the Psychology Program at CSUN with an interest in Developmental, and Educational Psychology. I plan to one day work with children and conduct research on the side.