Research Team


Omar Ruvalcaba

Principal Investigator

I grew up in Inglewood, California and my family is from Zacatecas, Mexico. I received my Ph.D. and Masters in Developmental Psychology from the UC Santa Cruz. In one thread of my research, I study culture, gender, and technology contexts. In the second I focus on how first generation immigrant students negotiate cultural practice and identity.

Gabriella Mendoza

Lab Manager

My goal is to earn my PhD so that I can pursue my research interest and become a professor. TECC Lab gives me the opportunity to explore my interest in cultural and industrial organizational psychology by conducting research.

Merlin Naranjo

Lab Manager

I'm part of BUILD PODER, a research program for undergraduate students at CSUN. I’m interested in social psychology and social issues. I plan to apply to Masters and Ph.D. programs in California and other states in the Fall of 2019.

Luis Reyes HS.jpg

LuIS Reyes

I am a graduate student in the General-Experimental Psychology Master’s Program. My interests include Developmental psychology, education, culture, and technology. I aspire to obtain a doctorate degree and become a university professor.

Nicol Ardon.png

Nicole ardon

Hello! I am a senior at Cal State University Northridge. I am a psychology major pursuing a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Research is important to me because I like to seek answers to a problem.

Jazmin Baeza 2.jpg

Jazmin Baeza

I am a STAR transfer student from Los Angeles Mission College 18’. In LAMC I received an Associates degree in Social and behavioral science as well as an AA in Psychology.

Jedidah Volper.jpg

Jedidah Volper

I am a senior at CSUN and my interests lie in social and cognitive psychology. I enjoy learning about a broad range of subjects and making ceramics. Cats, books, and video games are a few of my favorite things.


michelle Moreno

I am a junior transfer at CSUN from Pasadena City College. My academic goal is to obtain my Ph.D. I hope to develop the skills and gain research experience in this research lab program to narrow down career goals.

Luz Andrino.jpeg

LUZ Andrino

I am an undergraduate psychology student and transferred from Moorpark and Pierce college. I am interested in Neuro and abnormal psychology; I plan to receive my PhD in clinical psychology. I am a first generation Guatemalan American student.


Pauline serrano

I am an Honors in Psychology Major and CADV Minor. I will be applying to Master's and Doctoral programs. I aspire to become a college professor and am interested in research with underrepresented populations and how their culture impacts their development.


miguel cab

I am a senior at CSUN and am majoring in psychology with a minor in child and adolescent development. I plan to earn a Masters Degree in ABA as well as become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 


anika khan

I am a Honors in Psychology major with a minor in CADV. I plan to apply to PhD programs Fall 2019. With a PhD I aspire to expand research on the effectiveness of traditional mental health intervention techniques across ethnic minority cultures. 


anie garabedian

My interests lie in clinical and social psychology, hoping to eventually go to medical school and obtain my degree to become a psychiatrist.

Luis Pedro.jpeg

luis pedro mendoza

As a first generation college student it has been my goal to earn a Masters degree in academic counseling. I transferred from Glendale Community College and currently majoring in psychology.


julie salazar

I am currently enrolled in the Psychology Program at CSUN with an interest in Developmental, and Educational Psychology. I plan to one day work with children and conduct research on the side.